Nasal Bone Education

The Perinatal Quality Foundation Nuchal Translucency Quality Review Program is pleased to offer an educational program in nasal bone imaging to participants credentialed by NTQR in nuchal translucency. The educational program provides didactic education in nasal bone and requires submission and review of five images. Successful completion of this education is adequate to submit nasal bone images as part of a risk assessment program.

You may log in to your account to begin the Nasal Bone process. To begin the process click on red lettering related to nasal bone on your summary page (available on login or through the upper menu bar under “home”). Similar to NT credentialing NTQR honors FMF nasal bone certification. A didactic lecture on nasal bone is provided under “education” on the upper menu bar. There is no examination required.

The image review process requires participants to submit 5 images from 5 individual fetuses. The fetus should have a crown rump length between 38 and 84 mm. Participants may submit images by mail after completing data sheets online. Alternatively nasal bone images in jpeg format may be uploaded directly through the website.

Nasal bone completion requires that participants have an active NTQR NT credential, and submit 5 images. Each submitted image must demonstrate 4 of the 5 criteria listed below. None of the 5 criteria listed below can be missed on all images.

Nasal Bone criteria used by NTQR are as follows:

  1. The ultrasound image must be clear with the fetal facial profile well defined.
  2. The fetus occupies the majority of the image.
  3. The fetal face is in the mid-sagittal plane with the tip of the nose seen in fetal profile and the third and fourth ventricle seen in the fetal central nervous system.
  4. There is a 45-degree angle of insonation with the fetal profile.
  5. The brightness of the nasal bone is greater or equal to that of the overlying skin.

Participants will fail the nasal bone education module if any image does not demonstrate 4 out of 5 criteria or if any of the 5 criteria are missed on all images. If a participant fails with a score between 70% - 79% resubmission of 3 images is required. If one image does not demonstrate 4 out of 5 criteria or if one criterion is missed on all images resubmission of 3 images is required. If the image review score is less than 70% then resubmission of 5 images is required.

If participants pass the nasal bone education they will be able to print a nasal bone certificate on their summary page and submit the nasal bone certificate to participating laboratories.

E-mail with any questions you may have.